What They’re Saying: Garcia Has No Plan

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Following two debates this week between Governor Ducey and David Garcia, there’s one takeaway on which everyone seems to agree: David Garcia has no plan to fund education. Click HERE to watch:

See what media have been saying:

“Garcia was banking a lot on that invest in ed proposition…We asked him what plan he had in place and we didn’t get a lot of details on that. Not good as the guy who’s going to run as the education governor” (3TV, 9/24/2018).

“The governor made a big deal about Garcia’s failure to tell voters how he’d come up with new money to fund education. We verify that Garcia dodged the question during the debate” (12 News, 9/24/2018).

“One of Ducey’s most effective attacks was to say that while Garcia talks a lot about increasing funding for education, he has no plan to pay for it. It’s an effective criticism because Garcia was counting on the Invest In Ed initiative making the ballot and acting as the main source of funding to education” (Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star, 9/27/2018).

“Garcia has been elusive on his plan for funding education, other than to emphasize that he will work with the state Legislature to develop a sustainable source for education” (Sierra Vista Herald, 9/27/2018).

“When pressed by reporters for specific details after the debate, Garcia offered squat, saying vaguely that he would meet with teachers and legislators and support another ballot initiative” (Phoenix New Times, 9/25/2018).

“Garcia provided the broad brushstrokes of an education-funding plan…He provided no further details during the debate but told reporters afterward that increasing education funding would likely require both tax increases and spending cuts” (Arizona Republic, 9/24/2018).

“Garcia is running as a protest, not a serious candidate. He is a man without a plan, hoping instead to win a race because he has a D after his name instead of an R. Hope is nice, but a serious candidate would offer much, much more” (Jon Gabriel, Arizona Republic, 9/26/2018).

“Garcia has yet to articulate a credible alternative direction for state government. He’s full of promises, particularly on education, but bereft of specifics about how to pay for them” (Robert Robb, Arizona Republic, 9/28/2018).

“Garcia failed to provide specific details on an education plan” (Arizona Capitol Times, 9/24/2018).

“Doug Ducey kept pinning him on, you supported Invest In Ed, which was the tax increase…And I think because David Garcia doesn’t have a specific plan of his own, he was not able to do anything except be defensive during the debate and say, ‘it wasn’t my plan'”  (Billy Robb, 9/24/2018).

“It seems that David Garcia doesn’t really know how to say, here’s my plan and then actually tell everybody what his plan is” (Mac and Gaydos, KTAR, 9/25/2018).


About Doug Ducey:

Doug Ducey is committed to securing Arizona’s future. In his first year as governor, he took a $1 billion deficit and balanced the budget, without raising taxes. He is committed to improving K-12 education, and has added nearly $2.7 billion to Arizona public schools. He’s cut regulations to stimulate jobs and has reduced taxes every year. In addition, Governor Ducey launched Arizona’s Border Strike Force, to enhance security along Arizona’s southern border and stop cartels and human traffickers.

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