Mesa Chamber of Commerce Endorses Governor Ducey

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PHOENIX — The Ducey for Governor Campaign today announced the endorsement of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, adding to Governor Ducey’s growing support in Arizona. Small business leaders and job creators in Arizona are strongly backing Governor Ducey, who has earned the endorsement of the Gilbert Chamber, Chandler Chamber, Greater Flagstaff Chamber, Greater Phoenix Chamber, Tucson Metro Chamber, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arizona REALTORS, and NFIB Arizona.

“The Mesa Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly supports Governor Ducey’s campaign for re-election because Doug Ducey knows how to grow our economy and support Arizona’s job creators,” said Sally Harrison, President and CEO of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce. “Under Governor Ducey, companies relocating or expanding in Mesa have announced over $1.4 billion in projected capital investments, with more on the way. Governor Ducey also has led to bring groundbreaking new projects to Mesa, such as SkyBridge Arizona, a new joint-customs facility with Mexico planned for the Mesa-Gateway airport.”

“I’m honored to receive the support of Mesa’s small business owners and job creators, whose efforts have helped make Arizona one of the fastest growing states in the country,” said Governor Ducey. “These folks are the ones out there taking the risks, investing in their businesses, and hiring new employees. I look forward to continue advancing policies that reduce unnecessary regulation and keep our taxes low to ensure our businesses can continue to thrive.”

Recent economic forecasts showed “Arizona’s job growth is expected to outpace the nation over the next several years,” adding more than 540,000 new jobs by 2026. Another Arizona State University forecast shows Arizona’s economy poised to continue growing, with “no recession risk in sight.” Arizona has added over 260,000 jobs since 2015.

With a growing economy, more new jobs, and record revenue this year, Arizona has invested $2.7 billion into K-12 education since 2015, and school districts across Arizona are providing teachers double-digit pay raises.


About Doug Ducey:
Doug Ducey is committed to securing Arizona’s future. In his first year as governor, he took a $1 billion deficit and balanced the budget, without raising taxes. He is committed to improving K-12 education, and has added nearly $2.7 billion to Arizona public schools. He’s cut regulations to stimulate jobs and reformed and simplified our tax code every year he has been governor. In addition, Governor Ducey launched Arizona’s Border Strike Force, to enhance security along Arizona’s southern border and stop the flow of cartels and human traffickers.

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