Securing Arizona’s Future

Safety & Security for All

Doug Ducey is working to secure Arizona’s future with safer neighborhoods and strong communities.

Just a few years ago, families were hurting, and Arizona was $1 billion in the red. Today, Arizona is growing, and we are investing in what matters most — like K-12 education and public safety.

Whether it’s taking the fight directly to the cartels on our southern border, combating the scourge of addiction, reducing recidivism in our prisons, or ensuring that law enforcement has the resources they need to properly investigate sexual assaults, Doug is working every day to ensure the safety and security of all Arizonans.

Border Security

Immediately after his swearing in, Doug got to work creating the Arizona Border Strike Force – a partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement to enhance security along Arizona’s southern border, aimed at drug cartels and human traffickers. Working directly with our border sheriffs, federal agencies, and now the Arizona National Guard, we have made 3,199 arrests and seized over $10 million in cash and tens of thousands of pounds of meth, marijuana, and heroin.

Doug will continue the fight against these criminals over the next four years – bringing more resources and technology to our border.

Justice for Sexual Assault Victims

Doug helped survivors of sexual assault by reducing the state’s backlog of untested rape kits with a plan now in place to totally eliminate the backlog. Eight rapists have already been caught and are now facing criminal charges as a result of the kits being tested.

Opioid Epidemic

This year, Doug signed the Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act, a comprehensive and bipartisan legislative package aimed at saving lives by combating the opioid epidemic from all angles.

The legislation will:

  • Improve access to substance abuse treatment for all Arizonans, including the uninsured or underinsured
  • Enhance education for opioid prescribers
  • Crack down on forged prescriptions, pill mills, and manufacturers who defraud the public about their products
  • Limit the first-fill of an opioid prescription to five days for patients new to opioids, with exemptions that protect chronic pain suffers, cancer, trauma or burn patients, hospice or end-of-life patients, and those receiving medication assisted treatment for substance use disorder.

Child Safety

The troubled Department of Child Safety (DCS) had more than 16,000 inactive cases in their backlog when Governor Doug Ducey took office. Under the governor’s leadership, the agency has been turned around. Now, the backlog is cleared, DCS has safely reduced the number of kids in foster care by over 20% and the agency has been given an “Excellence for Children” award by national foster-care nonprofit Casey Family Programs.

Catching Child Support Evaders

Doug’s program to catch child support evaders by posting their information on social media has resulted in over 100 deadbeat parents now making their payments totaling over half a million dollars.

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