Securing Arizona’s Future

Jobs & Economic Security

Arizonans fought our way back from tough economic times. Now, it’s up to us to secure Arizona’s future with an economy built to last.

Just a few years ago, families were hurting, and Arizona was $1 billion in the red. Today, Arizona is growing, and we are investing in what matters most — like K-12 education and public safety.

It’s no secret that Arizona’s economy is finally on the right track. When Doug ran in 2014, he promised to “shrink a government and grow an economy,” and that’s exactly what he has done.

Key Accomplishments

  • Balancing the budget: Drawing on his private-sector business experience, Doug balanced Arizona’s $1 billion budget deficit his first year in office without raising taxes. He reduced the size of government, consolidated agencies, cut needless regulations and red tape, fired the state’s taxpayer-funded lobbyists, AND cut wait times at government agencies like the Motor Vehicle Division.
  • Adding new jobs: Last year, under Doug’s leadership, Arizona reached a major milestone: We fully recovered all of the jobs lost during the Great Recession. So far, we have added more than 260,000 new jobs. And since 2015, more than 300 companies have chosen Arizona to relocate their business.
  • Economic security: Over the last three years, our unemployment rate has dropped to 4.5% — the lowest level in a decade. Wage growth is the third fastest in the country — up 7% — and our state’s credit rating has improved. All of this is evidence that Arizona is open for business and government is getting out of the way of the private sector.
  • Tax relief and reform: In addition to cutting nearly 700 needless and burdensome regulations — equivalent to a $50 million tax reduction — Doug has reformed and simplified the tax code every single year he has been governor. Arizonans are now keeping more of the money they earn.

Securing Our Future

Doug is a relentless advocate for Arizona. He will continue recruiting businesses to move here and breaking down barriers that keep people from meaningful work. It’s one reason economists project Arizona will add another 150,000 jobs in just the next two years.

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