Arizona Supports Governor Ducey

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PHOENIX — Democrats, Republicans, Independents. Law Enforcement. First responders. Education, Business, and Civic leaders. Mayors of both parties. Lawmakers. Newspapers across Arizona, including the two largest papers in the state.

Arizonans of all stripes are endorsing Governor Ducey for his record of working together to get results and move Arizona forward. Below are some of the highlights of Governor Ducey’s endorsements so far.

The Arizona Daily Star
“To his credit, Ducey has visited our region much more often than his recent predecessors and recognizes that the connection with Mexico is vital to the state’s economy — particularly Southern Arizona’s.”

The Casa Grande Dispatch
“Ducey is a former business executive who has shown he can apply his leadership to government. He should be re-elected to continue what he is doing for Arizonans.”

The Arizona Republic
“Arizona’s job picture is so positive the state is once again a magnet for people…(Governor Ducey) has earned the confidence of the people. And so, in this general election for governor, The Arizona Republic recommends voters re-elect Doug Ducey.”

Havasu News
“Ducey has set the wheels in motion on a number of matters and ought to be given the opportunity to see them through.”

The Daily Courier (Prescott)

Cindy McCain
“Doug Ducey has been a Governor for all Arizonans, working together in a bipartisan spirit to improve the quality of life for all our citizens.”

Lisa Graham Keegan, Former Superintendent of Public Instruction
“Under Governor Ducey’s leadership, teachers are receiving well-earned double-digit raises, schools are receiving badly-needed investments, and our students are learning and improving faster than anywhere in the country.”

Jaime Molera, Former Superintendent of Public Instruction
“Four years ago, I endorsed David Garcia in his race for superintendent, but in this race, we have a better choice. Doug Ducey has led by bringing people together, resulting in generational bipartisan successes like passing Prop 123, extending Prop 301, and creating Arizona’s Teacher’s Academy.”

Gerardo Sanchez, Democratic Mayor of San Luis
“What matters the most to me is that Governor Ducey shows up. He spends time here in San Luis. He meets with us, listens to us, and is helping us build on the potential of San Luis as a gateway to Arizona for tourism and trade.”

John Doyle, Mayor of Nogales
“Governor Ducey has worked with us here in Nogales to improve Arizona’s relationship with Mexico, especially by increasing trade at our port.”

Robert Uribe, Democratic Mayor of Douglas
“Governor Ducey has brought his business approach to government. The result is growing trade with Mexico, more jobs, and a real focus on economic development and selling what towns like Douglas have to offer as a gateway to Arizona.”

Mark Lamb, Pinal County Sheriff
“No governor in the country has done more to get results in the fight against opioid addiction than Governor Ducey.”

Mark Napier, Pima County Sheriff
“As a border Sheriff, I appreciate (Governor Ducey’s) depth of knowledge on the issues impacting our border residents. Governor Ducey has provided solid leadership to our state and I am confident in his ability to continue to do so.”

Scott Mascher, Yavapai County Sheriff
“Governor Ducey has shown a firm commitment to public safety – and our streets and communities are safer because of it.”

Arizona State Troopers Association
“Law enforcement personnel are looking for a governor who will stand by them and respect them, not only in times of triumph, but also in times of tragedy. It’s clear that Governor Ducey is that candidate.”

Arizona Police Association
“Governor Ducey has proven that he understands and appreciates the challenges law enforcement officers face in protecting and serving our communities.”

Arizona Fraternal Order of Police
“Governor Ducey understands that the men and women serving in law enforcement and corrections are our front line which protects our communities from crime and criminals.”

Border Patrol Council Local 2544
“Governor Ducey is the only candidate who has demonstrated the steady leadership and sound decision-making necessary to make our state a safer place for all Arizonans.”

The Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
“In Governor Ducey, we have a governor who cares about our firefighters and their families and appreciates the dangerous work we do.”

Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
“We trust Governor Ducey to do what’s right for Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. He’s created an environment that gives businesses certainty, keeps regulations and taxes low, and allows innovation to thrive.”

The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce
“As a former business leader, (Governor Ducey) knows what it takes to build an environment where businesses can grow and employees can thrive.”

The Mesa Chamber of Commerce
“The Mesa Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly supports Governor Ducey’s campaign for re-election because Doug Ducey knows how to grow our economy and support Arizona’s job creators.”

The Greater Phoenix Chamber
“With Governor Ducey’s influence and guidance, Arizona is once again leading the way on tough issues and is being shown in a positive light on the national stage.”

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce
“Governor Ducey’s leadership has been instrumental in bringing 10,000 jobs and $7.4 billion dollars directly into Chandler.”

Tucson Metro Chamber
“Governor Ducey is the clear choice for governor. Governor Ducey is a critical, leading part in building the economic momentum throughout our state and especially in Southern Arizona.”

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce
“Gov. Ducey in his first term has proven that he understands what state government needs to do in order to create an environment for job creation.”

The Arizona Association of REALTORS
“Under Governor Ducey’s leadership, Arizona has come a long way from the depths of the Great Recession, and while there is more work to do, we are confident he is the person to continue to lead our state to a more secure and prosperous future.”

National Federation of Independent Businesses Arizona PAC
“I challenge anyone to point to a better governor for small businesses anywhere in the nation.”


About Doug Ducey:

Doug Ducey is committed to securing Arizona’s future. In his first year as governor, he took a $1 billion deficit and balanced the budget, without raising taxes. He is committed to improving K-12 education, and has added nearly $2.7 billion to Arizona public schools. He’s cut regulations to stimulate jobs and reformed and simplified our tax code every year he has been governor. In addition, Governor Ducey launched Arizona’s Border Strike Force, to enhance security along Arizona’s southern border and stop the flow of cartels and human traffickers.

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