Arizona Daily Star Endorses Doug Ducey

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Ducey Becomes First Republican In 20 Years To Earn Star Endorsement

TUCSON — On Sunday, the Arizona Daily Star endorsed Doug Ducey for governor, the first time the Tucson paper has endorsed a Republican for governor in two decades. The endorsement follows endorsements for Governor Ducey from the Casa Grande Dispatch and Arizona Republic earlier this month.

The last time the Arizona Daily Star endorsed a Republican for governor was Governor Jane Dee Hull in 1998.

Highlights from the endorsement are below:

Adding new dollars to K-12 schools:
Ducey…has shepherded funding increases through the Republican Legislature.

He pushed for extending Proposition 301, which protects a more than $600 million funding stream for Arizona schools, and led on Proposition 123, settling a long-running lawsuit and providing an estimated $3.5 billion over 10 years to public education

Prioritizing Southern Arizona:
Ducey acknowledges this but notes that not only is Southern Arizona doing better than it has in years, but a continued healthy state economy also will spread and diversify opportunities for the rest of the state. He points to the expansion of Raytheon and Comcast, and the arrival of Caterpillar to downtown Tucson, as important job opportunities that can be built upon.

…To his credit, Ducey has visited our region much more often than his recent predecessors and recognizes that the connection with Mexico is vital to the state’s economy — particularly Southern Arizona’s.

Improving ties with Mexico:
During his first term, he mended a relationship that had fractured after Gov. Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law. He also never missed a meeting of the Arizona-Mexico Commission, was the first governor in almost a decade to visit Mexico City and has developed a friendship with Sonoran Gov. Claudia Pavlovich.

Improving child safety:
Ducey has taken a walk-the-walk approach to child safety, encouraging adoption of children in foster care — when appropriate — and eschewing the notion that the only suitable adoptive parents are straight, heterosexual married couples. He should be recognized for that effort.

Providing a second chance:
He also removed from state employment applications the question that required job-seekers to check “yes” if they’d been convicted of a crime. This is a positive step and allows Arizonans with records to make their cases individually, rather than eliminate any applicant with any sort of arrest record, no matter how long ago.

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About Doug Ducey:

Doug Ducey is committed to securing Arizona’s future. In his first year as governor, he took a $1 billion deficit and balanced the budget, without raising taxes. He is committed to improving K-12 education, and has added nearly $2.7 billion to Arizona public schools. He’s cut regulations to stimulate jobs and has reduced taxes every year. In addition, Governor Ducey launched Arizona’s Border Strike Force, to enhance security along Arizona’s southern border and stop cartels and human traffickers.

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