WI Gov. Scott Walker

Doug Ducey demonstrates the kind of conservative, common-sense leadership that our party needs in Arizona. He’s not afraid of taking on tough challenges, and that’s why I know he’d be a great Governor.

U.S. Senator Jon Kyl

Doug Ducey’s leadership style is to first ground himself in the substance of the critical issues facing our state. I respect that. His skills, his knowledge of business management, his conservative credentials, and his proven record as State Treasurer are precisely what are needed for Arizona.

U.S. Senator Mike Lee

“America needs strong leaders who are willing to stand up for conservative ideas and values at every level of government. It takes real leadership to stand up to special interests and push for conservative reforms. Doug Ducey is one of those leaders and that is why I am proud to endorse his candidacy for governor of Arizona.

“Doug has shown courage, vision and leadership on a wide range of issues. He fought relentlessly against tax increases and is committed to shrinking the size and cost of government while eliminating privileges for special interests. Leadership is what leadership does, and what Doug has done as a leader has earned conservatives’ respect and earned our support.

“His commitment to conservatism, his background growing a small ice cream company to a nationally-recognized brand and his record defending Arizona taxpayers make him well suited to lead Arizona for the next four years. I believe that conservative governors like Doug Ducey will lead the way toward a stronger, more prosperous America.”

Jim Click

Doug’s private sector experience and limited government approach is exactly what’s needed to get Arizona moving in the right direction again. We haven’t had someone this good and well-qualified to lead our state and lead our party in a long time. I firmly believe that Doug can be the best Governor Arizona has seen in decades.

State Sen. Al Melvin

I ran for governor because Arizona needs a strong conservative to lead our great state. While my campaign has ended, my fight for conservative values continues. When I withdrew from the race I made it clear that I had no intention of playing spoiler or of even accidentally helping to elect a liberal Governor. I would put my shoulder to the wheel to elect the best possible conservative candidate. That is why I am endorsing Doug Ducey for Governor. After traveling our state and sharing the stage with so many of our fine candidates, I am confident that Doug is the very best choice for conservative voters. His background in the private sector, his work as State Treasurer, and his fidelity to the principles upon which our country and party were founded separate him from the other candidates. I have also been impressed by his grasp of the issues concerning Southern Arizona which, as you imagine, is very near and dear to my heart. With our state and nation at a tipping point, Arizona conservatives cannot afford to divide themselves into so many camps that we end up losing at the ballot box. I am voting for Doug Ducey to be our next governor and I encourage every Arizonan to join me.

Mark Meckler, Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots

Doug Ducey is, by far, the strongest conservative candidate in Arizona’s race for Governor. As co-founder and former national coordinator of the original Tea Party Patriots, I’m endorsing Doug Ducey because Arizona needs someone who is going to fight to uphold the principles of our Founders. Doug understands that “who decides” is one of the most important questions facing the country today, and like me, he thinks we the people, should be in charge of choices that affect our lives. Both his public- and private-sector experience indicate that he’ll fight the establishment. Doug Ducey believes in limited and effective government, individual responsibility and freedom — and that’s the right direction for our country. Arizona is on the brink of a renaissance. With a solid legislature and Doug Ducey as Governor, Arizona will give Texas a run for its money by enacting policies that will encourage business growth, employment growth and personal prosperity. If you’re looking for a real, small government conservative who understands that citizens, not government, make the country work, I encourage you to join me in supporting Doug Ducey for governor.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Doug stands with me in the fight against crime and the fight for the rights of crime victims. I am proud to support him.

Lea Marquez-Peterson

If we are going to increase job opportunities for the people of our state and give everyone the opportunity for a better life, we will need lower taxes and fewer regulatory burdens on businesses. Doug will work hard to make this happen.

Hon. Robert Fannin

I have given my strong support to Doug. He has the personal character, successful business leadership, free market principles, and fair judgment to be a truly great leader for our state.

Congressman Trent Franks

There’s some good candidates in this race. I’ve concluded in my heart that Doug Ducey personifies everything that the Republican Party should be, not only on issues and the constitutional foundations, but the man has a great love for humanity. And, for me, that is something that really comes out in him in ways that we really need this party to exhibit in the future.

Congressman John Shadegg

Doug Ducey is the kind of common-sense leader Arizona needs as our next governor. I know firsthand that the federal government has gotten out of control and that Doug will stand up for Arizonans against Washington overreach, work to reduce the size of government and protect our liberties.

Cathi Herrod

Doug’s commitment to life, traditional marriage, child protection, defending religious liberty, and promoting school choice make him my personal choice.

Randy Kendrick

Doug is committed to health care reform driven by market choices freely made by patients with their doctors, not driven by government or insurance companies. I’m proud to work with him to bring patient centered health care to the people of Arizona. Doug is deeply committed to constitutional policies and principles, and yet at the same time he possesses great common sense built on his background as a successful entrepreneur.

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio

Doug Ducey is a strong leader who has proven through both his business experience and time spent as state treasurer that he holds the interest of Arizona citizens to the highest regard. His push to reduce government overreach and create jobs is exactly what our economy needs. He has earned my vote for governor.

Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington

I’ve gotten to know Doug well over the past several years. Here’s what impresses me: Doug has a clear vision about where he wants to lead the state. His focus is the economy and making Arizona a magnet for job creation and economic opportunity. That has to be the number one priority for our next governor, and Doug has the right background, skills, and ideas to actually make a difference.

Former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr.

Doug Ducey has earned my vote for governor because he has shown through both his business and public sector experience that he has the conservative-driven principles we need to accelerate the economy, balance the budget and provide leadership. His thoughtful approach to policy issues and steady direction reflect what is best for Arizona, and that is why he is my choice for governor.

Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC

Ducey is a committed free market fiscal conservative who won’t shy away from making tough decisions or taking on big challenges…His leadership is what we need to craft free market, pro-growth oriented policies that make Arizona a great place to work and live.

Syndicated Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt

I have endorsed State Treasurer Doug Ducey in the race and will hold a small fundraiser for him in April. He is a conservative, a successful businessman, and has run and won state-wide in 2010 and led state’s anti-tax hike forces two years later in the defeat of a state wide initiative pushing a billion-dollar tax hike. Ducey has the additional advantage of having been born in Ohio which of course matters greatly even though he has spent his entire adult life in Arizona.

Arizona Right to Life PAC

Doug upholds core pro-life values and priorities, and not because they are politically advantageous, but because the life issue is foundational to every basic right and freedom we cherish. Doug understands well that protecting and supporting innocent human life is not a mere political issue, but one that transcends the spectrum of party affiliations, speaking to the very essence of what it means to be a concerned and compassionate citizen of this great state.

Jerry Colangelo

When it comes to the governor’s race, Doug Ducey is the best candidate who truly represents the spirit of Arizona’s business community. Doug is a‎ proven leader with an executive background and conservative heart. He knows what it takes to improve the state’s economy, create jobs and reform‎ our education system and will make it his mission to streamline government programs and safeguard Arizona from federal government overreach. He’s my choice for governor, and I encourage my fellow business leaders to join me in supporting his campaign.

Concerned Women Political Action Committee

Doug Ducey has a solid record on issues that matter to conservatives. Concerned Women Political Action Committee endorses Doug Ducey for Arizona Governor, because we won’t have to spend a lot of time wondering whether he will be at the forefront of protecting the citizens of Arizona; the evidence is in his conservative record.

State Rep. Paul Boyer

Doug has steadfastly protected our rights and the interests of this state and I know he will continue to do so as Governor. I’m endorsing Doug Ducey because his infallible character and conservative morals will lead Arizona in the right direction.

State Rep. Phil Lovas

I’m supporting Doug Ducey for governor because he understands that growing the economy and creating economic opportunity needs to be Arizona’s priority. Doug helped create thousands of private sector jobs and his business experience and approach is exactly what we need to get this state’s economy moving.

State Rep. Rick Gray

Doug’s commitment to the state of Arizona is exactly why I support his candidacy for governor. He has my endorsement because his fiscal conservatism and business-friendly policies will lead Arizona toward a more prosperous future.

Small Business Alliance

Doug Ducey brings a fresh energy and charisma to the Governor’s Office. We are particularly encouraged by Mr. Ducey’s aggressive tax reform agenda that is sure to bring more prosperity to Arizona. We have full confidence that Mr. Ducey has the skills necessary to attract businesses to Arizona in a dynamic yet fiscally responsible way while nurturing the environment to retain Arizona businesses. With Mr. Ducey’s leadership talents, innovative approach to problem solving, and positive image we believe Arizona has a very bright future!

State Rep. Michelle Ugenti

I’m proud to give Doug Ducey my endorsement for governor. Doug is a principled leader who is committed to ensuring Arizona remains a great place to live and raise a family. Join me and vote Doug Ducey for Governor!

State Sen. Nancy Barto

Doug Ducey is the only candidate in this race with the leadership skills and vision to guide Arizona into the future. Doug’s background along with his roadmap to make Arizona a national leader in education and economic growth are exactly what we need. I will be voting Doug Ducey for Governor and I encourage you and your family to join me.

State Rep. Debbie Lesko

There is no other candidate in the Governor’s race who better represents our values and our goals as a state better than Doug Ducey. That is why I am proud to endorse Doug and encourage you to join me in voting for him.

State Sen. Steve Yarbrough

As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee I have worked closely with Treasurer Ducey. He is committed to reform-minded government and protecting taxpayers. We also share a passion for improved student academic achievement and meaningful school choice. I am honored to endorse him in a field of quality Republican candidates.

Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane

I am proud to endorse Doug Ducey for Governor. Doug stands firmly behind our shared values of limited and effective government, individual responsibility and a government that works for the people, not over them. He built a business, Cold Stone Creamery, now he wants to shrink a government. Arizona needs Doug Ducey as Governor.

Scottsdale City Councilman Dennis Robbins

As a business owner and a member of the Scottsdale City Council, I am keenly aware of the tough issues facing Arizona today. I can’t think of anyone better to tackle these issues head-on better than Doug Ducey. Doug is a true statesman with the perfect background to turn Arizona into the national leader it can and should be. Join me in voting for Doug Ducey for Governor!

State Rep. Warren Petersen

I know Doug has the skills to grow Arizona’s economy and will out-work everyone to make this state the most prosperous in the U.S. His success as a businessman and leadership in defeating Proposition 204 is exactly why I’m supporting Doug Ducey to be Arizona’s next governor.

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri

Doug Ducey understands what Arizona needs to succeed. He has a clear vision to kick the economy into higher gear and stands on a conservative record when it comes to education reform and government accountability. He has the leadership background to bring the business principles of relentless improvement and innovation to state government. I wholeheartedly support his campaign for governor.

State Rep. Steve Montenegro

It is time for Arizona conservatives to rally behind Doug Ducey for Governor. After a lengthy and complete primary season, our job is to choose the conservative candidate best positioned to champion our issues and our values. Our responsibility is to support the conservative candidate that can lead our Republican Party to victory in November. Whether your issue is the economy, border security, protecting human life, or standing up to Barack Obama and an out-of-control federal government, your conservative choice is Doug Ducey. Please join me in voting for Doug Ducey. Its time!

Gilbert Town Councilmember Victor Petersen

Doug Ducey’s private sector experience and outstanding record as state treasurer make him the best candidate for Arizona’s next governor. He will rein in unnecessary government spending and get this state’s economy back on track. I’m voting Doug Ducey for governor because I know he will take this state to the next level and help it succeed.

Gilbert Town Councilmember Jared Taylor

Doug Ducey has my endorsement because I know he will do everything in his power to uphold and defend our constitutional rights and educate our children. Doug has a plan, and his Roadmap to Opportunity and Freedom proves he will continue to defend our freedoms and help catapult Arizona to the forefront of education reform. Join me and help make a brighter future for Arizona — vote Doug Ducey.

Jamie & Steve Sossaman

Our family has been farming in Arizona since 1919, and we believe our next governor must maintain Arizona’s independent, Western spirit. That’s why we are supporting Doug Ducey for governor. He’s a man of principle who will ensure that Arizona is a place of opportunity where people who work hard and do the right thing can succeed.

Chandler City Councilmember Jeff Weninger

I’m supporting Doug Ducey because of his pro-business attitude and commitment to helping Arizonans succeed. As a small business owner, I know Doug has my back and under his leadership Arizona’s economy will flourish and the number of jobs created with increase. Doug is the best choice for Arizona’s next governor and I encourage you to vote for him!

State Rep. Justin Olson

Doug’s limited-government approach to Arizona’s fiscal policy is precisely why we need him to be our next governor. His leadership against Prop 204, a billion dollar a year tax, proves he puts the taxpayers first and has Arizona’s best interests at heart.